oyo glasses

own your own glasses

No accessory matters more than the one on your face. Personalize your look by designing your own glasses.

black glasses hovering with shadow underneath

How it works

  • Hand-drawn picture of a woman's left eye with points and lines around the eye, forming the shape of spectacles

    Design Your Frames

    Customize a pair of our existing frames, or design your own from scratch using our point-and-click frame designer.

  • Say Cheese & Snap a Photo

    Take two photos of yourself. In one photo, just smile. In the second photo hold a quarter to your forehead. It will look silly, but this will provide a sense of scale that will allow our software to accurately measure your face.

    Man smiling at a webcam
    Man holding a quarter on his forehead at a webcam
  • 3D Rendering of Spectacles
    Rendered Glasses on a Male Face

    View Your Frames

    View a 3D rendering of the frames superimposed on your face.

  • Order Your Frames

    Your frames will be manufactured by a 3D printer, and then assembled by hand. You can choose to have your frames mailed to you, or sent directly to your optometrist to have prescription lenses inserted.

    Prescription Lens Thumbnail

    Join our Beta Waiting List

    OYO Glasses plans to launch in early 2012. If you're interested in participating in our beta release, or if you'd like to be notified when we launch, then complete the form below and we'll be in touch.